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Davion Healthcare Plc specialises in the design, development, manufacture and global distribution of medical products and services.

Davion Healthcare identifies solid healthcare brand, service, and technology opportunities with worldwide market potential. Through investment and acquisition Davion Healthcare offers a stable foundation for each of its independent subsidiaries, maximizing potential and creating true value for shareholders.

About Us

Davion Healthcare identifies, develops, and commercializes world-class global healthcare technologies, services, and brands.

From an established range of healthcare grade hand and surface cleaners and sanitisers, to groundbreaking breast cancer detection technology, the company continues to add to its highly successful, solid portfolio of products.


A Public Limited Company incorporated in Cyprus under Company Number HE 441027


Acquiring and developing best-in-class healthcare brands, products, services, and technologies all with global market potential.


The Company’s tangible assets include healthcare products together with intangible assets relating to established businesses, services and intellectual properties.


To further develop a growing portfolio of specialised divisions, while ensuring that each is optimised for its project potential.


To identify proprietary technologies and products, provide expertise and funding required to maximise development and value creation for the company and its shareholders.

Meet the Team

Chairman and Chief Executive

With over 45 years’ business experience, Jack established one of the first mobile phone network resellers in the early eighties, which was eventually sold to Hutchison Whampoa and formed part of what became the Orange mobile phone network in the UK.
He is a successful serial entrepreneur and has a history of identifying, developing and leading successful businesses, many from a start-up position. He has held, and currently holds, several executive positions, including CEO on the boards of a number of Companies in both Europe and North America.

Commercial Director

David has over 30 years of extensive international leadership serving at the C-Level for a variety of British and American companies, transforming and aligning their strategies, systems, marketing, products and personnel.
With a solid track record of success leading financial growth, digital transformation, and operational change; David has been involved in the development and funding of a number of public and private companies across a variety of B2B and B2C sectors, including digital marketing, magazine publishing, fintech and environmental energy.


With over 45 years of business experience, George brings a wealth of knowledge to the management team. After an initial career start in marketing with Mars Ltd, George became Sales Director of a London based photography processing business, progressing to MD until the business was sold in 1988.
He then moved into Event Management and acted as a consultant to the restaurant, event and licensed premises markets, giving him extensive practical knowledge of company acquisition assessment. He has provided expert consultancy services to several start-up businesses and aided in the efficient restructuring of others.

Non Executive Director

Nigel Oakes has over 30 years’ experience in senior management with direct responsibility for business management, marketing and sales functions. In his role as Managing Director of Creative Supply Solutions Limited, he provides innovative sanitizing products to both UK and overseas markets.
From a successful accountancy career, Nigel moved to sales progressing rapidly from field sales account manager through to the role of Group Sales Director responsible for an annual turnover in excess of £25 million pounds.


Sterizar manufacture and distribute a range of branded, alcohol free, anti-bacterial cleaning and sanitizing products for hospitals and medical facilities worldwide.

Sterizar Hand Sanitisers, Hand Gels, Washes, Wipes and Surface Cleaning products including its improved Steri 49+ formula provide a comprehensive infection control package

Sterizar products are independently tested and proven to be fast acting and highly effective against a range of bacterial and viruses.

Sterizar Barrier Control Technology is not only alcohol free but stays effective on hands and hard surfaces even when dry, keeping you and those around you safe for longer.


BreastCheck is a home-based, low-cost, safe, reliable and accurate way to routinely monitor for breast abnormalities. It is an effective first line investigative system as an adjunct to established clinical examination and has proven to be as accurate as a mammogram in first stage identification of potential breast abnormalities.

BreastCheck testing takes less than 15 minutes. Readings are entered onto the BreastCheck website where test results can be interpreted immediately.

BreastCheck technology was both FDA and CE approved in its original form but has now been updated as an OTC Product, and is expected to be available in the first half of 2023.


Testic is a home-based, low-cost, safe, reliable, and accurate way to routinely monitor for testicular anomalies.

Testic is a non-invasive adjunct to ultrasound and blood tests in as a first stage identification of potential testicular conditions early-stage diagnosis of cancers.

Testic testing takes less than 15 minutes and readings are entered onto the Testic app or website where test results can be interpreted immediately.

Testic will be available as an over-the-counter product from chemists and pharmacies.


Davion design, develop, manufacture, and distribute their own brand of transparent face masks which prevent both onward transmission and provide wearer protection against droplets.

Davion transparent masks utilize cutting edge technology; are anti fog, lightweight, washable, reusable and 100% recyclable.

Davion transparent masks are adjustable and lightweight facilitating full facial recognition and ensuring ease of communication in comfort and safety.

Davion masks are part of the Davion Group who also produce and provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and sanitizing products for medical and healthcare facilities worldwide.


In the USA, hair loss affects over 35 million men and 21 million women. In the UK, over 7 million men are affected by the condition. 70% of men 40% of women are affected globally.

Tricos aims to be a pioneer in hair stem cell research in creating new techniques and advancing clinical practices to encourage painless hair regrowth. It will take part in a global hair loss treatment market estimated to exceed £1.5 billion annually.

Our vision is to build Tricos into a global brand in this area and become market leaders in stem-cell based hair growth treatments.


Bio-Genex is the Stem Cell research division of Davion Healthcare Plc. The division is focused on developing, patenting and licensing stem cell treatments. It carries out intensive research and development to identify future stem cell based treatments and cures for a variety of conditions from Alzheimer’s to spinal cord injuries.

Bio-Genex secures global patents around the research developments and licence those patents to pharmaceutical companies globally.

Bio-Genex research interests range from the development and testing of new drugs to cell- based therapies in which stem cells are used to replace ailing or destroyed tissue or cells.


Davion MERIT (Medical Emergency Response Incident Team) provides a range of Tactical Incident Support Services to NHS Ambulance and Health Trusts, in line with Emergency Planning Guidance.

Davion MERIT provides rapid response “blue light” vehicles and crew, Tactical Incident Command Support, transports Trauma Teams and essential blood supplies along with trauma triage equipment where needed most.

Davion MERIT responds to major, mass casualty and critical events, providing advanced medical support at emergency incidents. It alleviates pressure on NHS medical services and facilities, where normal service levels must be maintained in addition to responding to major incidents.



Davion Healthcare Plc
Victory House,
205 Archbishop Makarios Avenue,
3030 Limassol,

Our Mission

Acquiring and developing best-in-class healthcare brands, products, services, and technologies with global market potential.

Our Vision

Building a robust group of healthcare products, delivering maximised value for shareholders, and ensuring on-going business development internationally.

Our Purpose

Identifying proprietary technologies and products, and providing the expertise and funding required to maximise their development and create value.

Contact Details

Davion Healthcare Plc
Victory House,
205 Archbishop Makarios Avenue,
3030 Limassol,
tel: +357 25 040 052

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